Technical Support - Terms of Service

Levels of Technical Support 

MyRamani offers 3 levels of technical support to service our customers based on their needs and requirements. All technical support via mediums other than email must be pre-arranged as a service with MyRamani. 

a) Level 1 tech support - This level of technical support offers basic troubleshooting with various componennts of your website, consisting of basic steps most businesses shoud take to ensure that their website functions optimally. If a question, problem or concern falls outside of the basic troubleshooting scope, it is escalated to a level 2 tech support agent. Level 1 technical support also double up as training representatives, training customers on any technical basics for their software as needed.

b) Level 2 tech support - This level of technical support offers technicians who are more well versed in the platforms our customers' websites use and can assist in troubleshooting issues that may fall outside of the basic troubleshooting criteria and require more hands on troubleshooting skills. Level 2 agents usually handle any tasks relating to narrowing down an issue and seeing whether it's an issue that needs further escalation to either a level 3 tech or a MyRamani web  developer. 

c) Level 3 tech support - This level of technical support offers technicians who are either web developers or have some knowledge of the codebase for your software and website. Level 3 techcians only provide email, chat and occasional remote desktop support while level 1 and 2 techs act as the main liason and front facing communications between customers. Only in cases of bug reports, or anomalies with the codebase MyRamani worked on are covered with this level.


Mediums of Technical Support

MyRamani provides free technical support via email to all customers with an initial ongoing project, and upto 1 month following project completion. Extended support is provided based on the current extended support rates, with which customers are entitled to technical support via email, live chat and remote desktop for any services MyRamani has performed on a customer's website.


Technical Support - Turnaround time

MyRamani agrees to respond to technical support requests within 48 business hours in most cases unless otherwise specified. Emergency requests are handled solely via live chat and subject to extra time. If a client is not eligible for live chat with a specific request or issue, they must email their request in order to receive guidance on whom to contact to have their issue addressed immediately. Same day or after hours requests will be charged at double the agreed rate for services. 


Scope of services covered

The services provided by MyRamani technicians are only applicable to services or work performed by the team. It does not include support for third party plugins/extensions, support for web hosting (unless hosting is provided by MyRamani), third party software both on the web or on a customer's computer/smartphone. Support for open source frameworks that MyRamani uses to create a website is provided by the team for any out of the box features the framework provides, however, any bugs detected with the out of the box framework will need to be reported to the framework developers. MyRamani holds no liabilities for any vulnerabilities, bugs or issues caused due to a fault in an open source system, or a third party software. 


Extended Support packages and hours

The services MyRamani provides for extended support are provided with customers paying for prepaid hours, with a minimum of 10 hours being purchased. Discounts are applied on packages for 10 hours and up. Please contact our staff for updated rates. These hours do not expire, and can be used at any time. MyRamani offers a no refund policy on extended hours that have already been used, however, MyRamani senior staff members may choose to apply a credit in hours towards a customer on a case by case scenario, in a case where our staff has performed a mistake that should not have occured. 


Retention time and privacy of data

The data a customer conveys to our technical support team is stored and retained differently based on the type of information relayed. Login credentials and passwords are securely saved with high grade encryption. Emails sent to MyRamani are stored securely on the Freskdesk ticketing system, utilizing Amazon's secure cloud CDN servers and are retained for as long as Amazon stores the data. Attachments sent to MyRamani technicians which contain credentials are immediately stored in a secure manner and removed completely from traces of emails on the web. None of the information is shared with anyone except for internal Myramani staff and any required third parties, based on the client's request. MyRamani technicians will never request credit card details, or personal payment details via email unless the email contains a secure link to a Square, Paypal or a payment link from or 


System Logs and Maintenance

For operation and maintenance purposes, MyRamani and any affiliated services may collect files that record interaction with it's technicians or your devices that our technicians have had access to. This allows us to monitor to ensure that all privacy aspects of our customers are being met as per our policy.