Security and Cryptography

Security lock and key

MyRamani by default ensures that your website meets all regular security standards, to keep evil doers at bay as much as humanly possible. There may be several cases where you might be dealing with something that requires a bit more than your regular security - such as banking or accounting based softwares, or anything that perhaps stores people's credit card information or confidential information.

Your website's safety is the most important thing to us, because without it, your website will be taken down in a flash as soon as you expose it to the World Wide Web. As soon as your website is crawled by search engines, it attracts both good and bad traffic. The bad traffic often consists of robotic scripts sent to scour the web for websites with known vulnerabilities, and then attempts to attack them. We make measures to ensure that your website is not a victim to these hackbots, or to a person who may be employ more clever techniques to take your website down. Our team meticulously tests all websites for exploits against hackers, spammers and phishers to ensure that no confidential information gets compromised. Almost anything important is encrypted in some shape or form. In worst case scenarios, hackers can also gain access from areas outside of our programming. We also assist by providing emergency assistance for sites that have been hacked via any means to plug the hole right away.

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