Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Icon set of various search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing

Making and creating a website is one thing, but just like an artist without any fans or followers, a website is nothing without traffic. We help you get your site on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines and watch what people are looking for to find places like you. We carefully plan out phrases and descriptions for search engines to crawl relevant information about your website. We can also help you with your advertising campaigns, Google adwords, and many other aspects.

Below is a list of organic search engine optimization services we provide, on a monthly or one time basis:

  1. Adding rich snippets and structured data for google to better identify what exactly it is you're offering, the more google/bing can understand about that, the better they rank you.You can see the video here to understand more:

  2. Re-organizing a website's page heading structure, so that google knows what information is considered most important out of each page.

  3. Ensuring all website images and links contain alt and title tags so that every single image on your site gets indexed into search engines, automatically boosting your ranking.

  4. Website caching and compression of code for faster load speed, search engines will rank a site that loads quicker higher.

  5. Attaching google+ authorship to your site

  6. Ensuring that your site is fully encrypted and responsive for mobile devices

  7. Making any optimizations google recommends in Google webmaster tools

  8. Adding relevant backlinks and contents from websites such as Yelp, Google+, Google Places, Yellowpages, and all major online directories

  9. *eCommerce:Optimize each product and category's meta keywords and description. This means not only making them unique for each product/category, but making them match the actual content you have displaying for each.

  10. *eCommerce:Attach product listings to Google Merchant's data feed

  11. *eCommerce:Add products to Google Shopping

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