Types of Services and Human Resources

Human Resources of www.myramani.com

This page gives you the types and levels of each service we offer to customers. This allows any of our clients to have the flexibility to pick and choose the type of work they need based on their budgets. Some roles within the company are front facing client roles, which means they can be hired for use on an as needed basis for any client's project requirements. Non front facing client roles involve no direct intervention with clients, customer service, or projects.

Data Controller, Owner

The owner (Shyam Ramani) plays an integral role in maintaining business relationships, creating growth strategies and playing an integral role in the development cycle of each project worked on by the company. This role is not a front facing client role.


Web Developers

Web developers come in two flavors - Junior and Senior developers. Both are an integral part of any project we work on to balance the load. The rates for web development MyRamani offers covers the services of both Junior and Senior level developers who work in unison on any project or task. 


Web Designers

Web designers come in three flavors - Level 1 designers who provide a very basic design - ideally meant for clients who are on a very tight budget and are flexible with look and feel to make an economical design. The second tier up is a senior designer who handles more specific design needs catered to very specific branding requirements for a client. The final tier is a master design guru, this designer is ideal for clients who have a multi store and multi layered business with many different branding requirements that need to integrate fluidly and with utmost precision. Each tier of designer type is subject to different rates from MyRamani.


Technical Support

Technical support representatives come in three flavors - Level 1 support technicians are the most front facing technician who gather information regarding any specific requests from customers and attempts to either solve them or escalades the request to a higher level technician, a developer, a designer or a marketing consultant. Level 1 support technicians also double up as data entry technicians, allowing clients to utilize our data entry services to have their information entered at a quick pace. Level 1 support techs also handle general customer service for our clients.

Level 2 support technicians handle issues or technical concerns with our products. MyRamani does not provide any technical support for third party applications or CMS platforms, only the work we have performed on that platform will be supportable. They look into your entire setup in order to ensure that the client has things setup correctly, and corrects them as needed. If a level 2 technician cannot handle the request, they take a full snapshot and full details of the request and escalade it to a web developer. This is mostly in the cases of unknown or newly discovered bugs with any work that we perform. 

All initial projects with MyRamani come with a free month of email technical support, after which, a customer must obtain a paid support package or agreement with MyRamani to continue receiving technical support. The rates for technical support are the same for any tier of technician.


Web Marketer and Social Media Consultant

This role is utilized by clients to assist and drive traffic to their web presence, utilizing search engine optimization and social media marketing techniques, researching any work that the client or MyRamani would need to perform to improve overall online presence, as well as consulting services to provide the customer a list of tasks that they will need to perform in order to drive better and more targetted traffic to their website or social presence. This is information and an ongoing list of tasks that are seperate from any client's direct marketing requests, in order to ensure integrity and relaibility with the marketing plan. This role also doubles up as a level 1 designer if the customer has purchased a marketing package with us (subject to level 1 design rates).

Web Marketers provide ongoing services including but not limited to researching trends or terms related to your website and online presence, engaging in conversation as needed on all social networks, looking up various events where the client's services can be best marketed towards, ensuring that the web presence is as optimized for search engines as possible with the tools given, escalating any requests to developers or designers for SEO improvements to the website and overall improvement of social and online presence. 

Sales & Billing

The sales and billing team handle any payment, accounting or service requests from our customers prior to MyRamani performing any tasks.