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Fowl Language Comics
Fowl Language Comics Detail image

Join Dicky and the gang in a hilarious trip through parenting!

Fowl language comics is a website that really speaks to our inner parent, and the true but hilarious struggles of having children in your life, and the struggles of being a "good parent" in general. Author Brian Gordon brings you the passion of his artistic drawing skills coupled with his day to day life to make every comic have a "LOL" moment.

Go laugh yourselves silly with Dicky and the gang at http://www.fowllanguagecomics.com

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Vie Urbaine
Vie Urbaine Detail image

Daily deal group buying site

Vie Urbaine is a group buying website similar to Groupon, Tuango or Living Social. If you can’t resist a good deal, this website is for you. This website integrates with many other third parties such as Facebook, Twitter, Bit.ly, Cakemail, Paypal and Google Maps. The website is very easy to navigate, and purchases can be made very quickly with complete ease of use using carefully planned AJAX interfaces. This website was made in both English and French, and mostly caters to residents of Ontario and Quebec at this time and is expanding daily. People can easily login to the website via Facebook, and within 2 clicks be on a page where they can enter their credit card information to purchase the deal. Users can also share the deal easily on their favorite social network, and earn money while doing so! A group buying site with a rewards program drives clients to this website day after day.


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Accès Resto
Accès Resto Detail image

Great food, great discounts using a free service

Accès Resto features premier restaurants, easy reservations up to 40% off, applied directly to your bill no pre-payment, no voucher required in Quebec. Reserve a place to dine, and eat at a price that wont eat through your wallet, thanks to this handy website! This website uses a custom MyRamani framework created with a cutting edge but simple PHP MVC technology, and the smarty templating engine.

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Infinite Group USA
Infinite Group USA Detail image

From Signage to Custom-Made Fixtures and Designer Furniture

Infinite Manufacturing Group is a company set out to design, develop and fabricate the leading cutting-edge architectural design and environmental graphics from the retail industry. Many of the brands you see on a day to day basis use Infinite's incredible talents and skills to advertise their own brands to you. Companies such as Coach, Ralph Lauren, Guess, Macy's and many other big names use Infinite to help them showcase their ideas to the world. They even offer bespoke and custom made furniture & fixture design. If you're looking to get your retail store and business branded with the likes of the best, head over to their website and ask them to show you their magic!

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Leatherfoot Detail image

Finest bespoke tailoring, men's shoes and accessories.

Until recently, Canadian men who wanted premium, handcrafted shoes had to look in London, Paris or New York to find the exclusive brands they love. Leatherfoot brings the best footwear brands to Canada, with a carefully curated collection for men who appreciate true craftsmanship and timeless style.
This project uses the LightSpeed POS system and LightSpeed eCommerce, featuring several extensions offered by us such as the home page slideshow extension, hi res zoom for product photos, a real time currency converter, a blog extension, recently viewed products, and a comments/review extension. 

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Bluenotes Group
Bluenotes Group Detail image

The Bluenotes Group was established to allow you to connect with and learn from other higher education institutions.

Bluenotes group is a subset of eXplorance - who strive to deliver cutting edge LEM (learning experience management) solutions and empower organizations in making the right decisions with fact-based learning analytics. The products Blue and Bluepulse 2, help instill a culture of continuous improvement by evaluating, analyzing, and improving stakeholder needs, expectations, skills, knowledge, and competencies. 

The Bluenotes Group is a united family of Blue users. It is a forum for Blue users to meet and greet, share successes, and learn from one other.Truly a global exchange of ideas, Bluenotes conferences are open to any Blue user regardless of where they reside. The Bluenotes Group has now taken an online presence to connect our customers virtually so that we can all benefit from the experience and learning of others. The Bluenotes Group is your voice.

Visit the website at http://www.bluenotesgroup.com

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I Love MTL
I Love MTL Detail image

Daily deal group buying site

I Love MTL is a group buying website similar to Groupon, Tuango or Living Social, and a sister company to Vie Urbaine. If you can’t resist a good deal, this website is for you. This website integrates with many other third parties such as Facebook, Twitter, Bit.ly, Cakemail, Paypal and Google Maps. This website was made in both English and French, and mostly caters to residents of Ontario and Quebec at this time and is expanding daily. People can easily login to the website via Facebook, and within 2 clicks be on a page where they can enter their credit card information to purchase the deal. Users can also share the deal easily on their favorite social network, and earn money while doing so! A group buying site with a rewards program drives clients to this website day after day.

Check out I Love MTL today for a good deal!

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Francesco Sr
Francesco Sr Detail image

Master tailoring since 1947

Francesco Sr is a website dedicated to the finest tailored men's fashion since 1947. Sr. Francesco decided at a very young age that his calling was to be a tailor. He left his tiny Sicilian village to move to Palermo, where he worked under the tutelage of the island's best cutters and tailors. But as he grew into adolescence, he knew he wanted to be more than a local tailor. The art and craft of cutting and sewing was now in his blood, as was his insatiable lifelong drive towards perfection. Partnering with LeatherFoot Emporium, he brings his contoured and lyrical style of personal tailoring to a new and wider audience.

See the fine work and perfection of his tailoring at http://www.francescosr.com

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Saint Crispin's
Saint Crispin's Detail image

Genuine hand welted shoes

If you're looking for a pair of shoes made with superior quality, good attention to detail and an extremely comfortable wear, head over to http://www.saintcrispins.com/ to see what they have to offer.

This website was built using the Wordpress CMS platform, with ease of use for the end user in mind.

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Fibrespace Web Store
Fibrespace Web Store Detail image

Specializes in unique yarns and fibres for knitting, crochet and spinning.

fibre space™ specializes in unique yarns and fibres from hand dyed, independent, local and US-made sources for knitting, crochet & spinning. This store was created using the LightSpeed eCommerce framework. MyRamani assisted with several customizations on this store - including but not limited to a customized details page catered towards classes specifically, customized grid/list view, customized social sharing and a more streamlined checkout process.
Check out this beautiful store (designed by Moxie Designs) at http://register.fibrespace.com

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Yummy Korea
Yummy Korea Detail image

Korean & Japanese Fusion Restaurant

Yummy Korea is a restaurant in the heart of downtown Richmond Hill, Ontario which strives to serve healthy, fresh, homestyle cooking with a unique fusion of Korean, Japanese and Western food. What makes them unique is their resilient effort to keep everything healthy yet tasty.. from the oil they use to the carefully crafted in-house salad dressing, to the quality of meat, everything is made with the same love and care as your mom would for you at home.

The way their staff treats every customer feels like they're sitting with a loving family, in the comfort of their own home. Visit this taintalizing restaurant and all it has to offer on the web at http://www.yummykorea.ca

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Disty Portal
Disty Portal Detail image

Disty Portal makes I.T. easy for Canadian small businesses and startups

Disty Portal strives to provide Canadian small businesses the tools and technology needed to accelerate their growth at very competitive prices. They offer many I.T. based solutions such as web hosting, cloud storage and backups, remote management and maintenance and even small business financing and loans to help get you started. 

Disty portal uses only the most reputable and cutting edge frameworks and partners to run their business, and have a very strong and long standing understanding of how to setup your business to have the best I.T. setup money could ask for, which many clients of MyRamani including MyRamani use for their own services!

Check out this great company at http://www.distyportal.com

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We Ascend
We Ascend Detail image

Storytellers of marketing....

We Ascend is a grassroots branded experience agency specializing in social media content, photography and branding for a variety of creative industries such as fashion, fitness, sport, health, music and many others. They convey the story of your business very well to your target audience, making potential leads already feel like they're a part of your company's family.

To top it off, they do this all in multiple languages, allowing you to have your story told to the entire world easily. Their visual communications also go above and beyond if language is ever a barrier. Check out their site at http://www.weascend.nyc

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Teich Detail image

Specialty Gifts for Family & Home

Teich Design, and Teich Toys & Books provide many entertaining and educational toys and goodies for small children, and offers a thoughtful mix of gifts and accessories for men, women and your home. This eCommerce site uses the LightSpeed eCommerce framework. MyRamani was responsibile for skinning the store, and adding customized features such as gift wrapping, infinite scroll on category pages, a home page slideshow and featured products module, and an enhanced gift registry module. Feast your eyes on this colourful website:

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Ioncinema.com Detail image

Your best source for movie news, reviews and listings

Ioncinema.com is a website dedicated to movies, films, film festivals, reviews, contests and any movie related items. They especially love subtitles! If you're a movie fan or a movie critic, you will love this interactive website. It is also an official partner with IMDB, one of the world's largest movie databases. You can find reviews to DVDs you might be thinking of buying here, or you can rate movies in theatres or look at a listing of what’s playing in theatres near you.

This project was created using the Wordpress CMS platform, with several customizations done to it from custom post types, custom fields, custom importation scripts from the old database, customized shortcodes, custom widgets for the sidebar, and customized page template layouts for different types viewings such as "actors" vs "movies".

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Yarns by Design
Yarns by Design Detail image

It is so much more than just a hobby.. it is a work of art

Yarns by design is an eCommerce website created using the Magento eCommerce framework, and features fine quality yarns, patterns, supplies and instruction to fiber artisans from novice to advanced skill levels. 

MyRamani was in charge of customizing an existing Magento theme to cater more towards their branding, and features our smooth color swatcher extension for Magento, easily allowing people to select their shade of yarn from a pre-defined color pallete for each yarn based product, and customize many other functional modifications. Let your artistic side loose and visit http://www.yarnsbydesignpa.com today

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Rina's Boutique
Rina's Boutique Detail image

High quality Italian shoes

Rina's Boutique is a high quality Italian shoe store with a great selection for men, women and children. This website is built off the LightSpeed eCommerce framework with several customized features, including but not limited to - magic zoom on product detail images, customized and configurable home page sliding banners, quick look hover over effects in the product listing page, custom sorting and filtering options, the ability to make an offer or bargain for any items not on sale, a quick look for related and recently viewed items, a rewards points system and customized shipping. Find a perfect match for your feet! http://www.rinastore.com/

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Knothouse Yarns Web Store
Knothouse Yarns Web Store Detail image

Committed to fine yarn

The Knot House is committed to providing luxury yarns for Knitters and Crocheters both old and new. They focus on providing a variety of hand-dyed yarns in an inviting atmosphere to promote learning and comradery in the community. 

Designed by Moxie Design, with the core eCommerce components developed by MyRamani, this store brings you a simple way to browse custom hand-dyed yarns for a truly unique look and feel everytime.

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Jason Agnew
Jason Agnew Detail image

"Don'tcha dare miss it!"

The conventioneers has always been a favorite show of ours  from the minute we saw it. Since then, Jason Agnew has always managed to entertain us and fill us full of laughter with everything he did in the entertainment world. Jason is also co-host for YTV's Splatalot and CHCH's Tiny Talent Time. It's time for those of you who don't know him to share his greatness by visiting his website http://www.jasonagnew.com/ , which we were proud to put together.

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Agapanthus Detail image

Beauty, Everyday...

Agapanthus is a store built with the LightSpeed eCommerce framework that carries all your beauty and household needs. With a variety of different items to choose from, this site features a stunning look and feel, a great customized gift registry for weddings, birthdays or any occasion, and an easy way for you to find beauty, every day. Visit the store at http://store.shopagapanthus.com

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Espace Tricot
Espace Tricot Detail image

La Knitterie Moderne

Espace Tricot is a fully bilingual, online yarn and accessories store created using the LightSpeed eCommerce framework. The store stocks a large and carefully curated selection of yarns and fibers, notions, accessories, books and patterns. Espace Tricot also offers many classes and workshops where new knitters, crocheters, and spinners can get started and more advanced customers can hone their skills.
MyRamani was in charge of designing and implementing the entire website, and includes some of our featured LightSpeed eCommerce extensions such as the swatcher extension for choosing color swatches for colors in a matrix, custom category pages, the home page slideshow extension, and custom product filters using web keywords and categories. Unleash the artist in you by visiting Espace Tricot today.

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