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"You must have a camera at my house!! This just happened to me the other day" is a frequent comment amongst threads where comics of this cheeky duck and his ducklings pop up all over the internet. Author Brian Gordon's comics have been a source of laughter and joy of many parents, soon to be parents and non-parents alike with his hilarious, honest and adorable webcomic - Fowl Language Comics. These comics describe Brian's everyday life as a parent, the joys and challenges of raising children and the ultimate lesson which is  - there is no such thing as a perfect parent. 

One of MyRamani's fav Fowl Language Comics

We couldn't be more proud of his dedication towards his art, how far he's come, and the dedication from all of his fans to keep his comic alive and prosperous. After getting to know Brian over the past while, we can only say that he really is equivalent to a super-dad, a father figure equivalent to a superhero.. just like the ones described in this article by the Huffingon Post, in which Brian is also included in. After working with Brian's online needs, we did a mini technical Q'n'A with him. Here are some things he had to say to us:

1. What inspired you to begin your venture on a webcomic?

I was laid off from my previous job as a cartoonist at Hallmark. So, given my skill set, it was webcomics or manual labor, and my back ain't what it used to be.

2. If you were to describe yourself and your situation in business 5 years ago, what would you say it was like compared to today?

5 years ago I was pretty complacent. I had a full time job and the comics I was fiddling around with were getting no traffic, but I aspired to eventually build my audience, as unlikely as it seemed at the time.

3. Out of all the webcomics and online media out there, what do you feel makes you stand out the most out of the crowd?

My site is more interactive and easier to use than most comic sites and by making print sales easier and more obvious. I've seen my sales skyrocket.

4. What sort of major technological hurdles did you have to overcome to get your web presence tightened?

I didn't have to overcome any hurdles! MyRamani did it for me :)

5. If you could go back to past Brian and let him know one vital piece of information to improve your present situation, what would it be?

Redesign your site sooner!

6. In a world with a gazillion web development companies, what's the experience like working with us?

MyRamani have been fantastic. I've reached out to them at all hours of the day and night and they've always been there for me and never given me the runaround. I couldn't be happier!

Before Brian and us were aquainted, here's what he had up on his patreon page as one of his goals, with the goal ofcourse, being achieved now

Brian Gordon Patreon Goal

The staff at MyRamani have enjoyed this comic for many years and we always look forward to seeing it in our feeds for a good laugh! When Brian announced that he got laid off Hallmark making this his fulltime bread and butter, and when shortly afterwards we found out that his website had gotten maliciously comprimised.. we had to take some action.

Similar to many modern company cultures, sharing hilarious webcomics is a part of the culture between MyRamani staff members, and this is one of our favorites. With unfriendly bots crawling the web, seeking out popular Wordpress sites to attack, it was only a matter of time before they found him and took his website down. With poise and grace, we approached Brian and gave him a disinfected website, a fresh new mobile friendly look, and a simple way for his fans to be able to buy his prints, products and his recently published book -  Welcome to Parenting online. Since then, we've only watched this comic grow bigger and bigger.

Shyam and Tessa holding the book Welcome to Parenting

"Gordon’s comics have been a hit across the internet. He likes to focus on the tougher parts of parenthood in his duck-filled stories... Gordon hopes that parents will feel a sense of solidarity when they see his comics." said the Huffington Post in an article titled "12 Hilarious Comics That Nail The Reality Of Parenthood" which really brings to light 12 very well selected comics that sum up life as a parent. "I’m crazy about my kids — I’d live and die for my kids — but kids can be frustrating!... These cute little muses of mine drive me nuts sometimes, and they’re also the source of my inspiration." .. he said in an interview with Today

With lots of love from MyRamani - shine on you crazy duck! Go check out Brian and his hilarious life as a parent at, you wont regret it!